Free Online education isn’t the best choice for everyone. But, many students thrive in the online education environment. Here are 10 reasons why online education continues to grow in popularity.

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Online Offered Courses

Now a day’s various free Online Courses are there from where anyone may have knowledge about various subjects and courses. Various courses are available like  Abacus, ACCA , CA, CBSE, Competitive exams, Computer’s, Expert advice, graduation, handwriting skills, spoken English and Vedic math’s and so on. Today online courses are much important in improving the computer skills, communication skills and so on. By having various skills, you can present yourself in an effective manner in front of others and you can imprint a never ending impression on others. These courses are also important from the point of view of making a specialization in a particular field. Students can enhance your ability to communicate effectively through the latest technology.


Education is among the main factors that contribute not only to a person’s development but also to the prosperity of a community as well. Clearly, education leads to better opportunities, such as financial security and personal development.  Online education makes higher education accessible to all. An online education is preferred by those students who are not able in attending traditional classes and mortar kind of college due to various reasons. Below we’ll examine some of the benefits this exciting education provides to such students.

Benefits of Online Education

  • Flexibility
  • Reduced Costs
  • Improved Skills
  • Provide Learning in Networks
  • Increased Instructor – Student Time
  • Get Expertise in an area
  • Documentation

Online education has succeeded in eliminating barriers and borders, giving everyone the opportunity to have access to education. It includes online degrees, online courses (mostly for enhancing skills) – that are completely free. So you can learn anything with the help of online education. The best thing about online education is that you can learn in a relaxed manner even if you don’t want to get certified.  But passion is an essential factor for learning and a quick online search that will take you to the right course. From that point on, you will be the master of your own education.

CBSE Online Preparation

Lots of students give the examination for CBSE Class 12th every year and spend 100s and 1000’s of hours in learning and preparing for the exam.  Online CBSE Classes of 12th are generally seen that most of their time is spent in going for coaching of different subjects from one place to another place.

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Learn About Bank Exams

Every year, lots of constancy multiple exams are conducted for the recruitment of Bank PO, Bank Clerk & Specialist Officers. Study khazana are providing you free online bank PO classes. Broadly, online bank exams can be classified into following Categories-

  • IBPS Specialist Officers (IBPS SO):
  • IBPS Regional Rural Bank Exam
  • SBI Probationary Officer
  • RBI Grade B Exam
  • SBI Clerk
  • RBI Assistants Examimage

Bank Exams Pattern – 

Recruitment in government banks is generally done in three stage recruitment process. The first two phases are written test, which is called Pre and Main; and the last stage is the interview process. Short listing of candidates is done at each stage – Pre, Main, and Interview.

The final merit list is prepared on the basis of marks in Mains and Interview.

Bank Exams Syllabus 

Written tests in bank exams generally ask questions to test the General Aptitude of the candidates. In pre-exam 100 questions are asked from three different sections

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning Ability
  • English Language

Mains exams, 200 questions are asked covering

  • Quantitative Aptitude,
  • Reasoning Ability,
  • English Language,
  • General Awareness and
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.

Syllabus – 

Quantitative Aptitude:

  • Number Systems
  • Ratio & Proportion
  • Percentage & Averages
  • Profit & Loss
  • Mixtures & Allegations
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest

Reasoning Ability:

  • Sitting Arrangements
  • Tabulation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Syllogism
  • Input Output
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Alphanumeric Series
  • English Language


  • Number System
  • History of computers
  • Hardware, Software
  • Database (Introduction)
  • Communication (Basic Introduction)
  • Networking (Lan, Wan)
  • The Internet (Concept, History)
  • Working Environment(Application)
  • Security Tools, Virus, Hacker, MS Windows & MS Office, Logic Gates.

Current Affairs:

  • Banks in NEWS,
  • Economy based current affairs,
  • Business NEWS,
  • Agreements, New Appointments,
  • Visits, Government Schemes,
  • Reports and Indexes, Books and Authors, Defense, Sports.


  • RBI and Function of RBI
  • Banking Abbreviations
  • Banking Regulation Act 1949
  • Policy Rates, Types of Accounts

Online Coaching for Bank PO

To the aspiring candidates for banking, we are given coaching which is excellent and it prepares the candidates thoroughly for the examinations. The coaching center holds regular training and provides the candidates with the necessary skills for the competitive examinations study khazana is a well-known center, providing perfect guidance along with required study material for Bank PO Coaching. There may be various other coaching centers that are providing coaching for same but it is such a wonderful website where the professionals believe not only imparting just education but also in nurturing their talent. Regular tests are conducted by our teachers, preparing students for these competitive exams. It is counted in the best centers for as it provides good quality training to the candidates so that they could perform efficiently in the competitive exams.


Free Online Coaching for Bank PO Exams:  Are you going to attend IBPS or any banking PO exam this year? then a selection is your target. What are your study plan and timetable? I don’t know, but the maximum number of your friend and relatives suggest doing coaching.

You accept all suggest and decide to join coaching. You have to go daily coaching center. If you later then your class miss. There may be heat or winter, but you have to go there anyhow. Suppose that if you get free coaching at home. You have many benefits which are following.

Online Coaching has many benefits that may fit you.

  • You do not have to out from home.
  • Stay home and watch videos when you feel good.
  • The study time, you manage, do follow like coaching center.
  • Be boss own, manage study time table and use it.
  • It is free joining; do not miss this chance again.
  • Lifetime study when you want
  • Mathematics and all science solution find without wasting time.
  • Ask or suggest us what should be better according to you.

A study can change a life if you make your career bright. It is possible if study continues, and study khazana offers this opportunity to all guys who want to study. Just register and start your study for all competition.

Online Physics Classes by Study Khazana

Physics can be played a role like a scary ordeal for a few and many scholars want a program or schedule that supports and helps them in studying physics. We at Study Khazana would like to offer free physics classes online that will give a rough understanding of what the subject entails and how to go by studying it.

As frustrating as this may sound, students will require some basics of math when tackling the subject. One doesn’t need to know everything but the student should know enough. Physics is based on concepts, it’s all about the attitude one has towards learning.


What is Physics?

Physics functions in a stimulating and exciting dimension. As the theories progress or new discoveries are made, sometimes not only the answer but the whole question changes. Due to this many individuals try to define physics by what it was rather than what it is and will be, in turn missing a huge facet of the subject.

Branches of Physics


This segment related to the forces applied on bodies in rest or motion and can be majorly categorized into statics (the body is at rest), kinematics (study of motion) and dynamics.


This segment deals with the associations between heat and other types of energy. It also describes the characteristics of heat, its manner of transfer and its measurement.


In the early 19th century connections between electricity and magnetism were discovered and since then they have been studied together. An electric current can be generated with fluctuating magnetic fields and similarly an electric current also gives rise to magnetic fields.

Learn Physics Online

Some of the best ways of learning physics online are:

  • Contact the professor for questions: Talk to the teacher and ask questions using email or any other method to communicate with him/her.
  • Participate in online class by entering the online forums, asking questions, or commenting your doubts.
  • Take the tests: Take the tests and understand the detailed feedback report from the tests. Take tests more often and see your level of understanding.

Here at Study Khazana, we are offering free physics classes online with some engaging and fully structured video formats from experts and the methods of studying explained will widen their learning ability. At Study Khazana, the physics topics taught with good diagrams in an active way which would never forget about.