CBSE 10th Class Math’s: Tips to Perform well in Boards

Here are some useful tips by Study Khazana best CBSE classes for 10th that you would surely not like to miss for your CBSE 10th Class Math exam. 10th Grade math’s forms a base for many things that will come up next in your life, so studying it just for the sake of passing in boards is of no use, prepare in a way that will also help you in future. So we will see how is the general pattern of 10th Math’s paper, the weightage to each part and then some general tips followed by chapter specific tips that will help you raise your level.

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Paper Pattern:
Paper Pattern as per last few years is as follows:

  •  8 Multiple Choice Questions worth a mark each.
  •  6 Questions worth 2 marks each
  • 10 Questions worth 3 marks each
  • 10 Questions worth 4 marks each

It’s a total 90 marks worth paper.

Approximate Weightage by Part:

  1. Number Systems 04 Marks
  2. Algebra 20 Marks
  3. Trigonometry 12 Marks
  4. Coordinate Geometry 08 Marks
  5. Geometry 16 Marks
  6. Mensuration 20 Marks
  7. Statistics and Probability 10 Marks

General Tips:
To start with, see that you have gone through textbook completely, solved every problem, including extra and in-text problems. Since 80% of paper contains the same questions as in the textbook while remaining 20% is just a modification of questions given in the textbook, so if you are doing textbook completely and solving every problem on pen paper, this is more than sufficient. No need to go through books like R.D.Sharma and others now. If you are doing it from earlier, first revise NCERT textbook, then go to previous years question papers and then if you have time just attempt some selective questions from R.D.Sharma. While attempting paper, please take it with time constraint and take in account all factors – you must write question number and other basic stuff as sometimes you answer correctly but these small blunders take away your well-deserved marks. Do write each and every step, even if it seems silly to you and also mention reasoning for every step. If you are using a theorem, remember the statement. For this you may write down all the statements and important formulae, this will help you during last minute revision. Get best CBSE classes for 10th that will surely help you in achieving good score.


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